Laser Systems

PhotoScribe Technologies designs, manufactures and optimizes laser systems to specifically address the unique requirements of each customer or application. Our approach is different from other laser manufacturers. Other manufacturers have a set number of lasers to which they identify which standard laser system will best work for a given application – by definition, these systems are not optimized for the application. PhotoScribe takes a different approach – we first work to understand the application and the unique requirements, then we design, manufacture and optimize the laser system that is made specifically for the application. Generally speaking – no matter the marking requirements, there most likely is a laser solution for all applications.Logos, serial numbers, alphanumeric, standard and 2D data matrix barcodes can be inscribed onto a wide variety of materials. PhotoScribe Technologies has experience marking many different substrates including: metals, precious metals, glass, plastic, diamonds, crystals and pharmaceutical tablets, and pills to name a few.

PhotoScribe delivers laser systems three ways:

  • Designed to work in conjunction with existing material handling equipment at or above current production speeds
  • Turnkey Complete with custom high speed material handling equipment
  • Turnkey as a free-standing unit for single part manual marking

PhotoScribe has designed lasers to mark under 1 micron to very large visible markings.The flexibility for very shallow (less than 1 micron depth) to very deep markings is also attainable. Lasers are capable of “mark on the fly” synchronization with automated handling equipment (marking over 400,000 pieces per hour) to single manual part marking.