Direct Part Marking

Exceptional system design and quality and the ease of use are requirements of every PhotoScribe Technologies laser system. This results in very precise and repeatable markings which are easily incorporated into the existing manufacturing process. For over 20 years, PhotoScribe Technologies has micromarked / micromachined an extensive variety of materials and substrates over which has laid the company’s foundation for successful development and design of direct part marking techniques andautomation which is critical in any successful system.

Company branding, as well as discreet identification (product security / brand security) on products, are two of the most popular applications for direct part marking.

Benefits of Direct Part Marking:

  • Multi-step processes’ become a single step process
  • Cost effective
  • Best quality and clarity of mark
  • Easily integrated into an existing production lines
  • Green solution (does not require adhesives or solvents, additional paper or labels, and has no consumables)