PhotoScribe LMS-650 Laser Featured in Instore Magazine for Diamond Laser Inscription Capabilities

Sept 2016 Instore Cover

PhotoScribe Technologies has been featured in the September 2016 issues of Instore Magazine in “A Message Set in Stone,” an article about the value about laser inscribing your diamond. Read the full article online here.

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PhotoScribe Technologies Upgrades their LMC and LMF Lasers for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

PhotoScribe LMC-100 Laser with the Extreme Scanning Head

The world’s leading developer of custom laser solutions, PhotoScribe Technologies, has launched upgrades to their LMC and LMF lasers, specifically for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Solving the need for reliable, high quality marks on caplets and tablets, both laser systems are ideal for large-scale production lines. The consummate solution for the Drug Supply Chain Security […]

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Photonics Online on PhotoScribe Launching an Upgraded LMS-650XS Laser for Optical Components ID Marking

Differential Interface Contrast (DIC) microscope image of micro marking on glass

  See the original article on Photonics Online. With high precision, PhotoScribe Technologies is making optical identification and tracking capabilities effortless with its LMS-650 and 650XS lasers. PhotoScribe Technologies has upgraded their LMS Laser systems to release their LMS-650XS as an exceptional laser solution for optical component ID marking for traceability. This laser incorporates a […]

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