PhotoScribe is the world's leading prime manufacturer of laser systems that are specifically designed for diamond and gemstone inscription. PhotoScribe is the only company in the world that guarantees in writing that our patented "cold" lasers will not crack or fracture your diamonds. Our cold laser technology is the only laser technology that is 100% safe for diamonds. This is why the majority of laboratories throughout the world use PhotoScribe's line of LMS lasers. Our industry-leading cold laser systems are the best laser systems available for diamond and gemstone inscription:

  • Utilizes cold laser technology, far superior to alternative hot laser technology and guaranteed in writing not to damage your diamonds
  • Does not require pre or post processing, such as painting the diamonds (required with all hot lasers)
  • Fully integrated package includes the laser unit, vision system, motion control and stages, computer and software, scanning system and high-speed diamond fixture system
  • Extremely user friendly, easy to learn and use
    • Windows point, click and drag interface
    • Operator is able to see a live image of the girdle and can overlay the image to be inscribed
    • Training typically takes 1/2 day
  • Able to mark diamonds and all other types of gemstones
  • Can mark loose or mounted stones, and all shapes

PhotoScribe Technologies industry-leading diamond and gemstone laser inscription systems are the key to keeping you at the forefront of the industry. Please call us and investigate further - you will find our LMS Laser Systems are the most reliable systems in the market place from a company that places the highest value on customer service. This is why our LMS Cold Laser Series is the #1 choice for major diamond labs, sight holders, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

As you research laser systems for diamond and gemstone inscription, the most important point to understand is the difference between "hot" and "cold" laser systems.