Any company considering the purchase of a laser marking and branding system should carefully review the following questions and answers:

Can the laser fracture a diamond?
No. PhotoScribe Technologies is the only company that will guarantee in writing that our excimer laser systems will not crack or fracture a diamond. This is due to our exclusive “Cold Laser” technology.

Does the laser have the ability to mark on mounted stones?
Yes. Each of our lasers has the ability to mark on mounted or loose stones.

Is the laser system capable of marking on any shape diamond?
Yes. The shape of stone is not an issue with our laser systems.

Is your laser specifically designed for diamond marking?
Yes. The LMS is the only laser that was specially designed and optimized for diamond inscription. It is not merely a modified device that was built for other purposes.

Will it take a long time to learn how to use the laser system?
No. Because we use cutting edge technology, our laser system is very friendly and easy to use.

Does anyone else use these laser systems?
Yes. Most Diamond Laboratories around the world are using PhotoScribe Lasers, as well as Diamond manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Can the laser system engrave intricate logos?
Yes. Logos, text, numerals and designs – our systems are capable of it all. We can also do multiple markings on single stones engraving all around the diamond. Ours is a true X-Y motion axis- there is no missing axis in rotation as there is with some of systems in the market.

Do the diamonds need to be pre or post treated?
No, since the “cold” laser energy fully absorbs into the diamond it does not need to be painted prior to engraving. Painting is messy and can produce inconsistent marking.

Is the laser inscription permanent?
Yes, the lasers react with the diamond by creating carbon in the engraving.

Can you see the positioning of the graphic on the girdle prior to inscription?
Absolutely! Our systems allow the user to see a super-imposed image of the marking prior to engraving.