Although many companies sell lasers no one sells turn key laser systems better designed and optimized to deliver a quality mark for your specific application than Photoscribe. For most marking applications, lasers are not optimized "out of the box" and easily "plugged in" to your production process. Our experienced team of sales people and engineers will work closely with you to understand your specific marking and production requirements.

We will then recommend the appropriate laser to produce the quality of mark at the production speed you require. We are experts in the field of micro-marking, marking on the fly and excel in the challenging applications in which other companies may have difficulties in addressing.

PhotoScribe delivers turnkey laser systems three ways:


Laser Selection
There are many types of lasers; Excimer, Yag, CO2, Fiber, etc. but simply identifying the correct laser for your substrate does not usually deliver the optimal marking. The first factor to consider is the laser power (wattage). Next, adjustments need to be made to the over 20 variables to optimize the laser to produce a fully optimized quality mark. . Prior to getting started, PhotoScribe works with a sample of your material to determine different laser's interaction with the material.

Complete Turn Key Marking System
Photoscribe will be as much involved in the complete marking solution for your application, as you would like. The optimized laser can be provided to "bolt" onto your existing production line or the PhotoScribe engineers can design and manufacture a complete turn key marking system which includes the laser, material handling, sensors / scanners, barcode readers, etc.

Below is an example of a complete turn key marking solution that PhotoScribe delivered to a customer for marking of pharmaceutical tablets. This laser system is designed to mark on the fly as parts pass beneath the laser.

Click on the image to download the mpg movie.