PhotoScribe Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Minneapolis, MN. We are the world leader in diamond and gemstone laser marking systems and an industry leader in direct part micro-marking technology.

Photoscribe provides laser equipment and services to most of the international gemological laboratories as well as the largest diamond manufacturers in the world. In addition, the company is involved in analysis of gem treatments for its clients.

The company manufactures turn key laser systems for a vast range of materials:

PhotoScribe is a prime manufacturer of Excimer, or "Cold Lasers," specializing in tabletop turnkey systems with easy, intuitive software that marks text, logos, graphics and data-matrix with feature sizes from 1 micron up.

The precision and sheer versatility of PhotoScribe Technologies' systems enable it to engrave and brand diamonds of any shape and size on any facet, mounted or un-mounted.

Its Laser Marking Systems have the capability of inscribing on a surface width equivalent to 1/100 of a human hair.

Research based

PhotoScribe Technologies is the laser research and development subsidiary of DBC Inc., a company founded by its president and CEO, David Benderly, over 20 years ago.

A pioneer in the field of diamond marking systems, Mr. Benderly holds eight patents in diamond marking. He is currently researching a solution for fingerprinting diamonds that will go beyond traditional plotting. Mr. Benderly's work in the diamond field has had applications in medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and aerospace industries.

Creating customized systems

PhotoScribe can customize laser systems for specific application or criterion that customers desire. These capabilities, combined with software interface ease of use, have made them the premier systems in the world.

A full-service provider

PhotoScribe Technologies goes beyond building, servicing and selling equipment. Many of our customers utilize the company's expertise for development of new processes all the way to integration and optimization of PhotoScribe's equipment in a real world environment.

We are able to help our customers in areas of workflow, managing production and training, and by doing so we maximize laser-marking production while increasing quality and eliminating errors.