PhotoScribe Technologies is the global leader in designing, manufacturing and optimization of laser systems specific to the unique requirements of each application. Specializing in micromachining, micromarking and microfabrication, the company has become the international resource in custom laser development for needs that cannot be met by standard off-the-shelf laser systems.

PhotoScribe Technologies creates custom turn- key systems for government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and the jewelry, electronic and security industries amongst others. The variety of systems are complex, often containing up to 10,000 components and working within most wavelengths, with the majority of the manufacturing process taking place at either the New Jersey headquarters or the factory in Germany.

Founder and CEO David Benderly vision for PhotoScribe is“to continue to invent, develop and produce meaningful systems and technologies that will have a long lasting impact in years to come.” PhotoScribe makes a conscious effort to consistently develop and stay on the leading edge of technology in the photonic, laser and manufacturing sectors. Dedicated to excellence in customer service and innovation, PhotoScribe Technologies continues to evolve with technology and customer requirements.